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Vacuum diffusion pump unit is the main equipment used to obtain vacuum (10-2-10-5Pa), which is diffused with metal oil The pump or molecular pump is the main pump, and it is combined with the valve, water-cooled baffle, pipeline, mechanical vacuum pump, etc. to obtain the pumping system, or obtain (10-2-10-4Pa) working vacuum. It is characterized by a large pumping capacity and stable and continuous operation for a long time.

Applied to chemical, metallurgical, electronics, aerospace, biological hospitals, atomic energy and other fields.

Technical parameters:

Model Ultimate pressure Pa Pumping speed L/s Main pump heating power KW Host model Used baffle High vacuum valve for use
(pneumatic valve)
Used fore pump Air inlet diameter D
GD-150 3×10-4 800 1.2 K-150 DB-150 GDQ-J50 2X-8 150
GD-200 1500 1.5 K-200 DB-200 GDQ-J50 2X-15 200
GD-300 3000 3 K-300 DB-300 GDQ-J50 2X-30 300
GD-400 5500 4.5 K-400 DB-400 GDQ-80 2X-30 400
GD-500 8000 7 K-500 DB-500 GDQ-100 2X-70 500
GD-600 12000 9 K-600 DB-600 GDQ-125 2X-70
GD-630 14000 10 K-630 DB-600 GDQ-125 2X-70

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